Grace Life Institute

Grace Life Institute Bible College

An Affiliate of KFCA


Grace Life Institute was founded by Pastor Mike Walker of Abide In Christ Ministries

Life’s journey is filled with ups and downs and twists and turns that many times include obstacles that challenge our dreams and hinder our forward motion. 

It is our desire at Grace Life Institute to help people overcome these obstacles through the knowledge of God’s Word rightly applied.  A life-time of experience in our instructors has brought forth a consistent truth; “Slow, Sure, Steady, Steps = Success”.

 Whatever it is that God is leading you toward, preparation is the key to what sets us apart and places us in a position of readiness for when the doors of opportunity open. Grace Life Institute is designed to strengthen your biblical foundation through knowledge and to help you discover and develop your God given gifts and talents. 

 This short season of preparation through your enrollment in Grace Life Institute has the potential to set you up for life, by helping to broaden your biblical understanding as you prepare to reach those dreams the Lord has placed in your heart.

 Enroll today, Gods plans for you are for good!

First Trimester 2015/2016 Begins December 6th, 2015

You Can Find More Enrollment Info At;

More About GLI:

  • Earn a degree in 6 trimesters 

  • Enroll at the start of any trimester

  • Four courses per trimester enroll in 1 or all 4 

  • Accredited through Education International

  • Offering degrees up to a BA in Bibilical Studies

  • Soon to offer online classes

  • Preparing to add several certification program



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