A Thanksgiving Wish


Bishop, Pastor Shon Davis

To my JITA & KFCA & Spokane Community Family, I want to wish you a very special “Happy Thanksgiving”

For truly as people of God we have a reason to be thankful. Even as we rise and wake to the glimpse of light that pierces the darkness. A symbol of a ray of hope, a new day is upon us. The bible says;

“This is the day that the lord has made and now let us rejoice and be glad in it”

The day alone becomes a blessing in that it speaks to a time of reset. A do over or a second chance.

“Weeping May Endure For The Night, But Joy Comes In The Morning”

I want to encourage your hearts this morning to be Thankful. Rise with a Grateful heart knowing that your God is still with you and he is on your side. Regardless of some of the religious myths that God is lurking in the night hours trying to catch us in our sins or simply in a time of weakness. It is actually the time in which God chooses to prove himself faithful and caring in your life. Remember, “In Your Weakness Is Gods Strength Made Perfect”. Don’t let shame and guilt cause you to hide from God. When we really should be seeking God in faith knowing that his grace is sufficient and his mercy endures forever. Adam and Eve hid themselves from the presence of God, causing God to have to seek them out by declaring Adam where are you? God never invented Hide and Seek, Adam did.

God invented and presented his Love and Compassion that sought to cover them in their time of weakness. God does not strip search us in order to expose us. He clothed them in order to restore them.

If you are dealing with guilt, shame, regret, and self condemnation is eating at your heart. Your spirit is heavy simply because your walk with God is not where nor what it use to be. The bible says “Be Not Weary In Well Doing, For You Shall Reap If You Faint Not”. I encourage you not to give up nor give in. The Lord Loves you and he wants to forgive you and restore your soul.  He promised never to leave you nor forsake you. Simply because his word is true and he is his word. He said He is not like man that He would lie, If He said it then He will bring it to pass”.

Remember “All Things Will Work Together For Your Good”.

We may not understand it, We may not like it, We may not want to go through it!

But its part of making you and shaping you into what God chose you to be. His counsel or His purpose for your life is being fulfilled by the very trial that you are going through.

The Devil thought he had you, but he’s got you right where God wants you to be.

So “Give Thanks For All Things, For This Is The Will Of God Concerning You In Christ Jesus”.

So be Happy this Thanksgiving, you and your Family. May every home be filled with Love, Happiness and Laughter. May every table be filled with the refreshments of prosperity and provisions and May God be the Center Piece of every dinner table as the One that we are all Thankful For, JESUS!

I Love You Family

Be Blessed

Bishop Shon Davis


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