“One Kingdom, One Cause”

“KFCA is an alliance of Pastors, Churches and Christian leaders, who have committed themselves to creating a Kingdom Culture within the body of Christ that is inclusive of every nation, kindred and tongue. Our vision is to reconcile a nation while exemplifying the kingdom. Our Mission is to create a network within the body that will strengthen the churches net worth. Empowering and Equipping the church through capitalism and spiritual gifting, that will better prepare the church, in preparing the people, for fulfillment of purpose and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ”

 KFCA’s Purpose:

  1. To build a culture within the body of Christ that truly exemplifies the Kingdom of God
  2. To unite people of like precious faith in the bonds of brotherly love and fellowship(I John-1:3) (Heb-13:1)
  3. To establish through authentic relationships a united front of Pastors, Churches andChristian leaders that share the same convictions regarding the kingdom of God and thevalue of the local church
  4. To be more intentional in tearing down the middle wall of partition (Race) that hascreated a divide within the christian community. (Eph-2:13-19)
  5. To meet together to truly worship God in spirit and truth and to receive spiritual teachingand ministry training for the work of the ministry (John-4:24 / Eph-4:11-15)
  6. To point the lost to the way of life by publishing the gospel of Jesus Christ by the spokenword of God and through a life style that bears witness of the same.
  7. To create a Net Work, that would strengthen the Net Worth of the church through thesharing of common knowledge and church resources
  8. To own, hold in trust, use or otherwise possess, sale, convey, mortgage, lease orotherwise dispose of such property, real or chattel, as may deem needed for thefurtherance and advancement of the kingdom of God.
  9. To train, equip, license, certify and ordain ministers for the work of the ministry. (ITitus-1:5 / Eph-4:11-15)

KFCA’s Doctrinal Beliefs of the Fellowship:

  1. The Bible
    The bible is the infallible and inerrant, inspired word of God. It is the revelation of God to man, which contains the entire word of God, beside which there will be no revelation or personal interpretation. It is superior to tradition though it may contain tradition. It is above conscience and reason although it is not contrary to reason. (II Timothy-3:16,
    II Peter-1:20-21)
  2. One God
    There is one God, eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, self sufficient, who has chosen to manifest or reveal himself as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. (Eph-4:5-6 / Col-2:8-10, Deut-6:4, II Sam-7:22, Is-44:8, Is-45:5)
  3. Jesus
    Jesus is the Son of God, God incarnate, expressed in humanity as the Son of God but yet Divine in nature. (John-1:1, I John-1:1-3)
  4. We believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit, through his baptism and infilling. Whereby mankind is rejuvenated and empowered to be witnesses for Christ as the Spirit works through the believer in the ministry of reconciliation. (Acts-1:8, Acts-2:1-4, II Cor-5:17-18)
  5. Conditions of Salvation:
    The condition of salvation is set by Christ as a requirement of having faith in his name and his atonement being completed at the cross. Through being born again of the water and of the spirit in order to enter into the kingdom of God and through living a life conducive unto holiness bearing the fruits of a transformed life. (John-3:1-5, Rom-10:9-10, II Cor-5:17-18)
  6.  Man’s Fall and Redemption:
    Man was created in the likeness and image of God. But by exercise of his own will he transgressed the will of God and fell in sin. Sin has separated man from God and therefore, can only be restored into right fellowship with the Lord through the shed blood of his son Jesus Christ. (Rom-5:19, Heb-9:22, Acts-4:12)

KFCA’s Policy On Becoming A Kingdom Partner:

  •        Because of our convictions as well as our commitment to be intentional in building authentic relations with   the diverse ministries of our fellowship. We have eliminated the religious practices of membership through in outward expression of a pen and paper. KFCA’s requirement is revealed through a willingness to fellowship and participate in the leadership meetings with the Pastors for a period of time that would allow the relational process to form itself and more of a covenantal bond take shape. This relational process will be examined by the Elders and Bishop of the Alliance and then an examination meeting will be scheduled to formally address membership as a Kingdom Partner of KFCA.