KFCA Executive Office Location

JITA City Church, KFCA Home Church

Bishop, Pastor Shon Davis


Pastor Shon Davis was Ordained as the Overseer of “Kingdom Fellowship Church Alliance” in 2012 under the ministry of Bishop Donald Butler of Fort Worth Texas. He has been recognized as one of the founding members of the fellowship along with Pastor Alvin Moreno, Pastor Jeff Doud and Pastor Kevin Chen. 

Pastor Davis has been recognized by many as more then a shepherd to his church. But as a mentor, a Elder and Father to a city. He is a preachers, preacher. A developer of gifts and a brother of consolation. He is a friend to his peers and a one that is sought after for his gift of wisdom. He is committed to being that “Iron that sharpens another mans Iron”. 

He has been recognized by the Mayor of the city of Spokane Washington as a man of peace and a voice of reason. Because of his activist work for peace and unity between community and law enforcement. He was one of the first African American Clergy from Spokane Washington to be invited to the White House to address the issue of 21st century policing with the Department of Justice. He has been credited for starting a police athletic league to engage officers with at-risk youth in the community and becoming more of a Guardian to them then a Warrior.

Pastor Davis serves as a board member of the Spokane Regional Law & Justice Council Planning Committee. Pastor Davis serves as a member of the Spokane School District Community Action Team. Pastor Davis serves as a member of the Mayors Advisory Committee Multi-Cultural Affairs. Pastor Davis is the president of the Faith Leaders & Police Alliance Team. Pastor Davis is the director of the Gang Intervention and Prevention Outreach Program in partnership with Spokane’s Anti-Gang Prevention Program. 

Pastor Davis is a true shepherd at heart and one who truly cares for the integrity of the church and the name of our Lord and savior being revered and upheld as the Truth that will make us Free!

Pastor Davis believes that the ministry should be more liquified and not contained within the four walls of the institution of the church. But as Jesus, we should be equipping and training disciples within, While evangelizing without and making the Church Visible and Jesus Accessible

Remember, No Matter What Your Problems Are;

Jesus Is The Answer

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