The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

Overseer, Pastor Shon Davis

Seeing Your Giants Through Gods Lenses

The issue is not in what you are seeing. But it’s in How you See, What you See!

If the Lord delight in us, then he will bring us into this land, and give it us; a land which floweth with milk and honey. Only rebel not ye against the Lord, neither fear ye the people of the land; for they are bread for us:their defence is departed from them, and the Lord is with us:fear them not.
Numbers 14:8–9

So many times we allow our pursuit of Gods promises to be impeded by these “Giants”, road blocks in our lives called trials. Our focus begin to shift from Gods vision to how Big the trial is that is standing in our way. This message today is designed to shift your focus back to Gods purpose and vision for your life. That your access to your promise land is no longer delayed nor denied. When your able to see your Giants through the lenses of faith according to that which God has spoken over your life. Then what appeared to be hard to overcome, comes tumbling down, and your confidence begins to rise and your pursuit of promise proceeds in a forward motion.

JITA City Church

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