Don”t lose Focus

Overseer, Pastor Shon Davis

Don’t Lose Focus

Pastor Shon Davis preaching at KFCA Fellowship service August 2015.

The context of this message is designed to encourage the believer that when God chose us for the purpose in which he would eventually reveal to us. He placed within us the ability to perform that purpose as well as overcome the barriers that would come to resist us from fulfilling his plan. The enemy sends Giants into our lives to distract us from our purpose. However, God allows Giants to come into our lives to challenge our ability to maintain our focus on knowing and remembering where our help really comes from. David said you come to me with sword and spear, but I come to you in the name of the Lord. We must never “Lose Focus”, that God is the source of our strength and that the Battle Is The Lords!
1 Samuel 17:32–47 1

JITA City Church

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